Thursday, September 5, 2019


This week all the Lieberman-Smiths went back to school. There was some grumbling after being off a record seven months, but I am slowly adjusting.  Despite some morning grumpiness I am incredibly thankful for having a great teaching job, and for my MANY new students. (I think my school doubled in size during my absence.) I found this gratitude list I wrote awhile back and thought I would share it with you. It's a  nice way to think about the amazing things we have in our lives... and it's alphabetized.  

I Am Thankful For: 
A- Ace Granary bread, AIM Langugage Learning
B- Bubbie, the colour blue, backpacks, biking, books, Before Sunrise etc, bagel
C- my cottage, coffee, canoeing, chicken soup
D- Dassa, dogs, drawing, duvets
E- Elephants, Ethan Hawke
F- Feminists, French
G- Galiano Island
H- my hair, hiking, Hebrew School, hand-me-downs
I - India, immigration
J- Jews, Jerusalem, Japan, John and James, Jeff
K- Kugel, Knaidle, Knish, Knishbroit, Kingston, Keatings
L- Liebermans, letters
M- Makaio, Montreal bagel, Marilyn Robinsons’s novels, Morgan, marzipan, matza balls, my sister Marcy
N- Nancy, novels, The New Yorker
O- Ottolenghi cookbooks, Ondaatje’s books, Orca Publishing
P- pianos, Pan Chancho, Poetry in the woods, Prince Edward Country
Q- the letter Q in Scrabble
R- Robbie (both of them), rooiboos tea

S- summer, French teaching guru Sylvia Duckworth, my physiotherapist   
     Stacey, my stand-up paddle board, socialized medicare, skiing, sushi, 
     swimming, scotch
T- Trek
U- underwear
V- Volkswagons, Vancouver
W- my white writing couch, White Lady Cocktails
Y- yoga
Z- Zeydi

If you feel inspired to write your own gratitude list, send it my way.